The R.E.S.T. Centre

 Restricted Environmental Stimulus Therapy

Stress Relief Beyond Belief

Do you suffer from chronic pain, insomnia, fibromyalgia, back pain, sports injuries, stress, or anxiety?


The R.E.S.T. Centre or Restricted Environmental Stimulus Therapy offers a zero gravity environment that allows the mind, body and soul to truly rest.

The act of floatation is created by a special
solution of salinated water which utilizes 1,200 pounds of Epsom salt. The buoyancy effect makes floating on water feel like floating on air.

Without any effort you can relieve pain, heal faster, relax, decrease stress, improve sleep, and achieve clarity and well being in this unique state. The benefits are staggering and the experience is Life Altering.

What is Flotation Therapy?

Floatation Therapy is a luxurious and life changing experience for anyone suffering from the effects of life’s daily stressors.

You don’t have to be suffering from chronic pain, physical injury or ailment to achieve benefit from these unique pods.

A typical session lasts 60 minutes and can be customized with lighting and music at the clients request.

The R.E.S.T Centre offers private suites complete with shower, shampoo/conditioner, ear plugs, towels and of course the floatation pod.

Floatation neck noodles are available should any of our floaters require additional support.

Each pod is equipped with an underwater lighting button, underwater speakers with crystal clear sound and an emergency call button should the floater require assistance.

Upon completion of each session, the tanks built in purification system ensures the tank is cleaned, disinfected and left in pristine condition.

The R.E.S.T Centre can help you feel less stressed and happier. Give it a try, you won’t be sorry. For more information Look on our on Facebook, email or at our location at 1916 Dundas East, Unit 7 Whitby, ON, L1N 2L6.  Call for any inquires (289)-240-3048.

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The R.E.S.T. Centre
1916 Dundas East, Unit 7
Whitby, ON, L1N 2L6