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In June of 1994 the custom tattoo studio and gallery known as Sinful Inflictions was established.  Located in Whitby’s historic downtown core with two floors of mesmerizing sculptures, antiques, oddities and macabre collectables. That will surely set the mood for your one of a kind tattoo experience. Your visit will allow you to enter the creative and unique mind of Jason Stieva who has always been intrigued by the arts and darker side of life.

Sinful Inflictions’ artists are well versed in the art of tattooing with years of experience and are known around the globe. Each artist is there to help you with your design ideas and answer any questions you may have, assuring the client will have a one of a kind, custom tattoo designed specifically for them.

Stop by today and check out for yourself why Sinful Inflictions is a leader in quality custom tattoos!

Jason Stieva

Jason Stieva was raised in the small town of Grimsby, ON. Growing up he held many different jobs in factories, gas stations, greenhouses and as a general labourer. Soon after graduating high school, Jason met a tattoo artist in Hamilton who taught him the basics and he was instantly hooked. He moved to Whitby in 1991 for a job opportunity that didn’t work out as planned and it was then he decided to open his own studio and be his own boss. Sinful was opened in 1994, and moved near the corner of Dundas and Brock streets in 2007. He’s been working for himself ever since and Sinful Inflictions will be celebrating its 23rd anniversary in 2017.

At first glance, Jason may seem intimidating, but once you get to know him, you can tell he’s a down to earth kind of guy who loves his work as much as he loves his dogs. He is a multi-award winning artist who has always been intrigued by the arts and Europe and it`s architecture. In 1997, after the death of a close friend, he took off to Europe having never flown before. After seeing what Europe had to offer in the way of arts and architecture, Jason fell in love with the churches, graveyards and catacombs, museums, and the way of life and sheer beauty of the countries. He now makes frequent pilgrimages back to recharge his passion and comes home hungry to create.

When asked what he attributes his success to, he says it’s because he has a good work ethic and patience. You need to be willing to work late evenings and early mornings and must always be moving forward. He strives to be a better artist today than he was yesterday. His hard work, dedication, hunger and drive make him a leader in his industry.

When asked what advice he could offer new entrepreneur’s his response was, “Refuse to be a statistic, rise above and be the best you can be. Earning a living at something you love is very achievable if you’re willing to chase your dreams, believe in yourself and don’t be afraid to fail.”

Jason has a very unique style with his art. Think Victorian steampunk meets European gothic, add a dark edge into the macabre and this is the genre you can expect to see from him with his tattoos, and sculptures. To see samples of his work, find him on Instagram @jasonstieva, @shallowgravestudios and @sinful_inflictions, on Facebook, or at his studio located at 108 Dundas St West in Whitby, ON.  Call for any inquires 905-430-9840.

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Sinful Inflictions
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