Officially Taking Numbers

How to participate:

  • Go to our “Spin to Win” Page:

  • Read the deal and the rules for that deal

  • Look at #’s already picked and make sure you are picking a number not yet chosen

  • Type in comment: # 23 please

  • Pay by e-transfer for your spot/# (Please do not forget to include your name/Facebook name, the draw name, and your spot/# in the comments/memo section of your transfer)

  • Comment: paid #23

  • Once we receive payment, we will add you on the list as paid

  • Draws will be completed once we have 5-8 packages/prizes filled

  • All draws will be live, and we will use a randomized computer spin wheel program

** Please only use comment area to choose your # and notify us of payments or to tag someone who may be interested in the item listed. Please PM any questions or concerns or call 289-278-3313. **

The goal of the spin to win is as follows:

  1. Bring funds into establishments hit hardest from Covid-19 Shutdowns

  2. Offer consumers a chance to have a meal at discounted cost while supporting local

  3. Offer consumers a chance to purchase local goods and services

  4. To promote local pick up or direct delivery services

  5. Have fun and of course win

  6. Most Important “Support Local”

 The full amount of the item will be paid directly to the business owner. Any additional funds raised during SPIN TO WIN go towards the cost of our free advertising promo for local businesses ($10-$20 per item). E-transfer payment only for Spin to Win.

E-Transfer Email

Please call us or email if you have a business and would like to participate in this free program.

Tina Bailey 289-638-1998

Jeanette Magic 289-278-3313


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