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About Us

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Some things are best left to professionals. Home and office painting are some of them. Residential and Commercial painting services are an important investment that adds high value to your property in a short time. But you need the finish to be of good quality to enhance property value.

It’s hard to prevent children from making a mess, so even if you find fingerprints on your walls, be assured that they will be easier to clean up than cheaper materials. Boost the value of your residential or commercial property, heritage home or new, interiors and exteriors. Keep the walls looking fresh and fabulous for years to come. Trust us. We are going to do it for you. Feel free to contact us for free colour consultation.

Professional Execution

Upon prompt arrival, our crews are going to start prepping and ensuring the areas needing attention are cleared and ready. Our process has been perfected to be accurate, neat and efficient. You’ll be amazed how easy we make it look.


Every lead painter on each painting job has a minimum of 20 years of house painting experience. This will be reflected in the finished product. It is also a testament to how much they love painting. Passion is what drives us to make you happy!


When you receive your detailed estimate, there will be a copy of the up to date CERTIFICATE OF INSURANCE. In addition, WSIB clearance certificates are ready upon request.


Our Guarantee is simple. If you’re not satisfied that WE DO IT PAINTERS delivered what was agreed to, then you don’t pay until it is. Our Warranty covers any defective workmanship or paint failures for a period of 2 years.

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