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Monifa Butts, the owner of Refa’s Thrift Closet jumped at the opportunity to open her own Online Thrift Store during the first quarter of the COVID 19 Pandemic; while the majority of the brick and mortar stores were closing up shop. Her fearlessness and tenacity is why RTC has been thriving ever since.

Monifa’s mission is to provide our communities with lightly loved second hand clothing, shoes, and accessories, because buying second hand is both AFFORDABLE, and ECO-FRIENDLY!

Not only does she recycle clothing back into our communities, she donates 10% of her monthly profits towards supporting various organizations, along with up and coming entrepreneurs in the city. At present, she has a partnership with:

Durham Children’s Aid Foundation.

Helping others is something Monifa has always been very passionate about.

How can you help to support her community efforts?

You can spread the word about her movement throughout your communities, you can continue to recycle your lightly loved, and new thrift fashions with her, and of course, continue to shop our inventory online for the latest fashion trends.

Refa’s Thrift Closet. Your favourite lightly loved new ONLINE clothing shoes and accessories store!

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