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Hello everyone! My name is Cathy, I’m a LOVEWINX rep and I am THRILLED to be part of Community Plus Durham. I am the proud Mom of three incredible young women (and a sassy tuxedo cat named Lucy).

I have been in the Sexual Health and Wellness industry for decades and absolutely love what I do!

LOVEWINX is a company dedicated to helping men and women live healthy and passionate lives.  Our product line consists of therapeutic-grade essential oils, signature bath and body collections, all natural arousal formulas as well as of course intimate bedroom accessories.

At a LOVEWINX party you are guaranteed to have an amazing, wildly enjoyable, memorable event with your closest friends, sharing, learning, and laughing together!

I love that LOVEWINX changes lives! LOVEWINX directly contributes to expanding people’s self-confidence and sexual education, strengthening romance and intimacy in relationships, and most importantly improving personal health and wellness. I hope you’ll join me to find out more about what LOVEWINX can do for you.

LOVEWINX offers an incredible business opportunity and compensation plan for both men and women.

Please join our exciting community on Facebook or feel free to reach me as a Facebook friend at the links below. LOVEWINX Facebook Group: (18+) 


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