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What We Offer

Honam Naturals offers Bundle Boxes,Body Butters, Essentials Collection, Hair Care, Home Fragrances, Men’s Grooming, Organic African Soaps.

About Us

Honam Naturals was born out of necessity. The founder was diagnosed with lupus and scleroderma, both a debilitating disease that affects your skin’ with no none cause or treatment, but a belief the environment stressors and the sun plays a major part. This caused the Ghanaian founder residing in Canada to research and live a non-toxic lifestyle.

Honam Naturals is a skin care line for all skin types that practices sustainability non-toxic living.  Our choice of Aluminum containers is not only light weight, resistant to heat and cold, but most important it extends the shelf life and lifespan of the product. The cans are best to recycle and repurposed thus putting less strain on the environment.

All our body butters contents are natural and organic, most are cold pressed raw butters, with Vitamin E. The butters melts and absorbs into your skin whilst moisturizing. All of Honam’s products were made for all skin types and to help alleviate skin cares, especially those with skin sensitivity in mind.

In theme with our sustainable living and reducing our carbon footprints, we have a few store fronts across Ontario and Toronto, Canada. Honam products are sold online and at pop ups.

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