A Clean and Simple Life

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About Us

I am passionate about empowering people to create a sustainable lifestyle for themselves that promotes a healthy mind, body and spirit.
I believe every human being is beautiful and Divine regardless of the packaging they’re in.
I believe every human being deserves to live with dignity and love; free from dis-ease, mentally, physically and spiritually.
I believe every human being is capable of making a difference on our planet.
As a nutritionist, I am passionate about clean, healthy, and simple living I’m excited to share this lifestyle with others. I help people learn to prepare healthy meals for their families and make dramatic changes to their lives.
Healthy movement is essential not only to a healthy body, but a healthy mind. Through my yoga practice, I empower people to take hold of their mind, body, spirit health and find freedom in peaceful movement.

Services Offered

  • Epicure products
  • Cooking classes and workshops
  • Group Yoga Classes
  • Private Yoga Sessions
  • EPIC Life Weight Management System

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