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Digital Cameras - Olympus Stylus 300 Digital verify photos | Resources

outdoor Portrait:

standard a pleasant job, with first rate decision and detail, and first rate colour, albeit slightly high distinction.

The extreme tonal latitude of this image makes it a troublesome shot for a lot of digicams, which is exactly why I set it up this manner, and why I shoot it without a fill flash or reflector to open up the shadows. the thing is to grasp each highlight and shadow element with out producing a "flat" photograph with muddy shades. The Stylus 300 Digital delivered fantastic colors here, but at the charge of too-high distinction and lost spotlight detail.

The shot at right turned into desirous about a +0.7 EV exposure compensation adjustment, which was the brightest i used to be inclined to go earlier than dropping much more highlight element. because it is, midtones are nevertheless a bit dark, and the white highlights of the shirt are blown out, due to the Stylus 300's excessive default distinction. colour steadiness become simply a bit blue and cool with each the Auto and daytime white steadiness settings, even though I chose the daytime environment for the main shot.

Marti's kinfolk tones are a bit pale, and the blue vegetation within the bouquet are just a little darker than they're in genuine existence. (this is a really difficult blue for many digicams to get correct. For reference, the plants are a light navy blue with just tips of purple in them.) The Stylus 300 Digital also had a hard time with the powerful reds, oversaturating the crimson plant life within the bouquet, and producing bluish tints in them as well.

decision is very respectable, with a lot of great aspect visible all over the body. Shadow detail is average, as is picture noise.

To view the entire publicity series from zero to +1.3 EV, see information OS30OUTDP0.HTM through OS30OUTDP4.HTM on the thumbnail index page.


closer Portrait:

extremely good resolution and aspect, though exposure is shiny.

ordinary results are corresponding to the wider shot above, and the Stylus 300 Digital's 3x zoom lens helps steer clear of distortion of Marti's aspects. aspect is incredible, with sharp particulars in Marti's face and hair. Even probably the most subtle texture of the condo siding is obvious and different. The shot at right became thinking about a +0.7 EV publicity compensation adjustment. Highlights are a bit too bright, but the midtones seem to be relatively good, with a whole lot of element. (For some cause, the +0.three EV shot came out brighter than the +0.7 EV one, and the default publicity is too dark altogether. i'll reshoot this if i will get a chance.) Shadow element looks good, and noise is moderately low.

To view the whole publicity collection from zero to +1.0 EV, see files OS30FACDP0.HTM via OS30FACDP3.HTM on the thumbnail index web page.


Indoor Portrait, Flash:

average Flash

sluggish-Sync Flash

Low brightness with the built-in flash, colour steadiness is relatively warm. fairly natural seem to be with the sluggish-sync option although.

The Stylus 300 Digital's constructed-in flash proved reasonably dim in its commonplace atmosphere, with none exposure adjustments. (This shot often hints flashes into underexposing, so with out a flash compensation adjustment, the Stylus 300 digital is left at some thing of a drawback.) The historical past incandescent lights results in an orange cast on the lower back wall, which spills onto Marti's points a bit. usual color is slightly warmer than i would like, although it's elaborate to choose due to the underexposure. The digicam's slow-Sync flash mode produced stronger results, although typical flash vigor changed into still a little low. colour is a little more desirable with the brighter publicity, though nonetheless just a little warm. The orange cast from the incandescent lighting fixtures is decreased to a slight yellow forged, however the flash produces delicate bluish tints within the shadows.


Indoor Portrait, No Flash:

Auto White steadiness

Incandescent White balance

warm colour balances with both white steadiness settings, although exposure is first rate.

This shot is at all times a really challenging check of a digicam's white stability potential, given the robust, yellowish color forged of the family incandescent bulbs used for the lighting. both the Stylus 300 Digital's Auto and Incandescent white steadiness settings produced rather warm photos, even though the Auto atmosphere resulted within the strongest color solid. Marti's dermis tone is fairly heat from the yellow cast, and the blue plants got here out dark and very crimson.

The most useful exposure became got with a +1.0 EV exposure compensation adjustment, which produced respectable highlights and shadows. photograph noise is average.

To view the entire publicity series from zero to +1.3 EV, see information OS30INTP0.HTM via OS30INTP4.HTM on the thumbnail index page.


condo Shot:

Auto White balance

sunlight hours White steadiness

terrific resolution, aspect, and color, though particulars are somewhat smooth.

The Stylus 300 Digital's Auto surroundings produced the most appropriate normal results right here, even though the daylight hours white balance produced equivalent outcomes with an only just a little hotter cast. decision is decent, with reasonably effective aspect in the tree limbs and shrubbery. particulars are a little bit tender, however, certainly in the great foliage. there's most effective a hint of further softness in the corners, strongest on the correct facet of the frame.

some distance-container test

astonishing decision and element, though a limited dynamic range because of high contrast.

This photograph is shot at infinity to test some distance-container lens efficiency. be aware that this photo cannot be without delay compared to the other "residence" shot, which is a poster, shot in the studio. The rendering of element in the poster may be very diverse than during this shot, and color values (and even the presence or absence of leaves on the timber!) will vary in this field as the seasons progress. In time-honored even though, that you may evaluate element within the bricks, shingles and window element, and within the tree branches towards the sky. Compression artifacts are absolutely to show in the trim along the edge of the roof, in the bricks, or within the exceptionally "flat" areas in the home windows.

here is my most beneficial "resolution shot," given the countless latitude of detail in a herbal scene like this, and the Stylus 300 Digital performed incredibly neatly for the sort of compact model. aspect within the tree limbs over the roof and first-rate foliage in entrance of the condo opponents that considered with terrific full-sized three-megapixel cameras. The photograph is additionally fantastically sharp the entire strategy to the corners, with little of the softening in the corners that i'm acquainted with seeing in digicam pictures, in particular ones from subcompact cameras like the Stylus 300. while very vibrant, the digital camera holds onto the detail within the vibrant white paint surrounding the bay window, a problem spot for a lot of digicams. however, element is minimal in the shadow area above the front door, displaying a constrained dynamic latitude. universal color looks relatively correct, although publicity is a little shiny. The table under indicates a typical decision and excellent series.

resolution sequence:


Lens Zoom latitude

a regular 3x zoom range.

I automatically shoot this sequence of images to show the container of view for each digicam, with the lens at full wide angle, at maximum telephoto (3x, in this case), and at full telephoto with the digital zoom enabled. The Stylus 300 Digital's lens is corresponding to a 35-105mm zoom on a 35mm digicam. That corresponds to a common broad attitude to a average telephoto. Following are the effects at each and every zoom environment.


Musicians Poster

Auto White steadiness

sunlight hours White stability

good usual color, notwithstanding moderate colour casts with both auto and daytime white balance settings, with first rate resolution and element.

This shot is regularly a tough verify for digicams, as the abundance of blue within the composition generally tricks white balance methods into producing a warm color stability. The Stylus 300 Digital's Auto white stability fell sufferer to this entice, producing a warm image with yellow epidermis tones. The daylight hours setting proved extra correct, albeit just a little cool. skin tones appear fairly good, even though the blue background has purplish tints that aren't in the fashioned picture. The blue robe is a bit dark, with relatively robust pink tints in the shadow areas. decision is high, with strong element within the embroidery of the blue robe. overall, a pretty good efficiency.


Macro Shot

commonplace Macro Shot

Macro with Flash

highly respectable macro efficiency, with respectable aspect, colour, and resolution.

The Stylus 300 Digital carried out well within the macro class, capturing a minimum area of two.77 x 2.08 inches (70 x fifty three millimeters). here is stronger than general, and lots improved than most subcompact cameras control. decision is high, with remarkable aspect in the greenback bill, cash, and brooch. particulars are only a bit of tender throughout the body, with extra softness in the accurate correct nook. (The Stylus 300 Digital's minimal focal point distance in Macro mode is 20 centimeters, even though the digital camera means that you can use telephoto to zoom in nearer. This effects in less distortion from the lens than I often see in digicams that force the lens to the large attitude setting for macro photographs.) The Stylus 300 Digital's flash also throttled down very well for the macro enviornment, producing a reasonably even and vibrant exposure.


"Davebox" examine goal

Auto White balance

daytime White stability

first rate publicity, although excessive distinction. colour is astonishing, other than a extremely moderate greenish forged, with good saturation.

each the Auto and daytime white stability settings produced well-nigh identical images right here, with identical, very a bit greenish white values. regardless of the refined tint, universal colour is staggering. The big color blocks are well-nigh perfectly colored, however slightly darkish. Saturation is respectable for the most half, even though the additive basic hues (crimson, eco-friendly, and blue) are a little bit too excessive. exposure looks about right, notwithstanding contrasty, and the Stylus 300 Digital picks up the delicate tonal diversifications of the Q60 goal smartly. The shadow area of the charcoal briquettes indicates limited element although, with moderate noise.


Low-easy exams

respectable performance with the digital camera's night Scene mode, although autofocus has challenge in low mild.

The Stylus 300 Digital's general software AE mode presents shutter speeds most effective as gradual as 1/2 2d. youngsters, switching to nighttime Scene mode extends the latitude to 4 seconds, which improves the digicam's low-easy performance drastically. The leading issue I bumped into however, changed into the digital camera's AF gadget. It had hindrance focusing precisely at gentle levels a good deal darker than one foot-candle (eleven lux).

In my trying out, the camera produced shiny exposures as low as one foot-candle, which is set reminiscent of average city street lighting fixtures at evening. despite the fact, the target changed into moderately bright on the 1/2 foot-candle (5.5 lux) light degree, youngsters focus became a bit gentle. Noise is low, and colour is fairly good, even though a hint heat. The table beneath indicates the optimum exposure i was able to acquire for every of quite a number illumination stages. images during this table (like any of our sample pictures) are untouched, exactly as they got here from the digicam.

  2fc22lux 1fc11lux 1/2fc5.5lux 1/4fc2.7lux 1/8fc1.3lux 1/16fc0.67lx ISO100 Click to see OS30LL02.JPG

1.three secsF3.1ISO: 80

Click to see OS30LL03.JPG

3 secsF3.1ISO: 80

Click to see OS30LL04.JPG

four secsF3.1ISO: eighty

Click to see OS30LL05.JPG

4 secsF3.1ISO: 80

Click to see OS30LL06.JPG

4 secsF3.1ISO: 80

Click to see OS30LL07.JPG

4 secsF3.1ISO: eighty


Flash latitude look at various

A a little bit dim flash, even though depth is constant all the option to 14 feet. image noise improved dramatically at better distances notwithstanding.

In my trying out, the Stylus 300 Digital's flash illuminated the examine goal all of the manner out to 14 toes, without any huge lower in depth. Flash vigour is only a little bit weak, and the images have a slight warm cast, however intensity is consistent from the eight foot distance on. How the Stylus 300 achieves this ordinary (for a subcompact digicam) latitude is a little difficult notwithstanding: It boosts the digital camera's ISO gentle sensitivity cost for any flash shots beyond whatever thing a bit of below 8 feet. in consequence, while the 300 has staggering flash latitude, pictures snapped at any colossal distance can be very noisy. below is my flash range series, with distances from eight to 14 ft from the target.

eight toes 9 toes 10 feet 11 ft 12 ft 13 feet 14 toes Click to see OS30FL08.JPG

1/one hundred secsF5.2ISO: a hundred twenty five

Click to see OS30FL09.JPG

1/100 secsF5.2ISO: one hundred sixty

Click to see OS30FL10.JPG

1/a hundred secsF5.2ISO: 200

Click to see OS30FL11.JPG

1/100 secsF5.2ISO: 250

Click to see OS30FL12.JPG

1/100 secsF5.2ISO: 320

Click to see OS30FL13.JPG

1/a hundred secsF5.2ISO: 320

Click to see OS30FL14.JPG

1/100 secsF5.2ISO: 320


ISO-12233 (WG-18) decision examine

respectable decision, with 900-1,000 traces of "robust element."

The Stylus 300 Digital carried out about common on our "laboratory" resolution test chart for its 3.2-megapixel category. It all started displaying artifacts within the test patterns at resolutions as low as 500 lines per picture peak horizontally, and round 600 traces vertically. I discovered "mighty element" out to at least 1,000 strains horizontally and 900 lines vertically. "Extinction" of the goal patterns failed to happen unless about 1,300 lines.

Optical distortion on the Stylus 300 Digital is set general at the large-attitude conclusion, the place I measured about 0.8 percent barrel distortion. (here is about general amongst cameras I've validated, but i might actually like to see an awful lot less geometric distortion in digicam photos than that.) The telephoto end fared lots stronger, as I found only one pixel of pincushion distortion. Chromatic aberration is reasonable, showing about three or 4 pixels of coloration on either side of the target strains. (This distortion is visible as a slight coloured fringe across the objects at the edges of the box of view on the resolution goal.)

resolution series, extensive perspective

decision look at various, Telephoto


Viewfinder Accuracy/Flash Uniformity

Optical viewfinder is relatively tight, but the lcd display screen is essentially excellent.

The Stylus 300 Digital's optical viewfinder turned into a bit tight, displaying best seventy six % of the body at huge perspective, and only 79 p.c at telephoto. (purchaser digicams commonly range from eighty five-90% accuracy in their optical viewfinders.) The lcd display screen fared much enhanced, showing about 98 % frame accuracy at huge attitude, and close to 100 percent at telephoto. (The backyard edges of my commonplace traces of dimension were just barely bring to a halt at telephoto.) given that i love liquid crystal display monitors to be as near one hundred percent accuracy as viable, the Stylus 300 Digital's liquid crystal display monitor is pretty much perfect in that regard, but i would want to see a much extra correct optical viewfinder. Flash distribution is uneven at vast perspective, with reasonably a bit falloff on the corners and edges of the frame. At telephoto, flash distribution is extra uniform and slightly brighter.


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