About Us

All the owners of Community Plus Durham are local residents and are inspired to give back to their community, by supporting the exponential growth with a diverse demographic.

Community Plus Durham offers affordable advertising on our Shop Durham Website. We are offering user friendly options to advertise and promote your products, services and coupons. We hope to host social events and inviting our partners to sponsor local events to give back to local charities.

We want to encourage the people of Durham to support and shop their local businesses with Community Plus Durham. In the last decade, the region has been growing and our small businesses are trying to survive in this ever changing economy trying to provide the best goods and services to the Durham region.

By doing your part and shopping locally, you are ensuring the generation of tomorrow will not have to struggle to find work close to home. At Community Plus Durham our business is your business and we only succeed if you succeed.

Giving back to the community that shops and uses your services shows respect, appreciation and gratitude. It also helps build a better sense of community. Our vision is that together, we can be stronger and ensure a brighter future for Durham Region.

Our project is about inspiring local resident’s in finding you and giving them more reasons to choose to shop locally and effectively online.

Tina Bailey

Currently runs two businesses and resides in the Durham Region. Being one of the owners of Community Plus Durham gives her the opportunity to help others succeed in businesses without breaking the bank and most importantly it gives her the opportunity to raise money and support local charities. She is a firm believer in “Give Where You Live”.

Currently: Executive CEO at Community Plus Durham and the proud owner of Freedom Canada Pardon and Waivers.

Contact: Phone:289-638-1998  Email:tina.bailey@communityplusdurham.ca

Jeanette Magic

Jeanette has lived and worked in Durham for well over 30 years. After an early retirement Jeanette needed something to keep herself busy. Joining the Community Plus Durham team has given her an opportunity to help local businesses and charitable groups and bring meaning back into her life. Though this venture Jeanette has now become an official partner in the company and looks forward to working her magic in the community.

Currently: Administrator at Community Plus Durham

Contact:  : 289-278-3313 or : info@communityplusdurham.ca

Heidi Gray

As one of the Owners of Community Plus Durham Heidi is a big believer in supporting local and giving where you live.  She resides in Durham and and plans to raise her family here. Her full time job is as an Executive Assistance at Freedom Canada Pardons and Waiver in downtown Whitby.  Her motto is build your community and people will come.

Currently: Executive Assistance for Freedom Canada and Board member at Community Plus Durham

Contact: Phone:289-638-1998 EXT #2 or Email:Heidi.gray@communityplusdurham.ca

Susan Diago

Susan has recently retired and works part time within Community Plus Durham where she is currently an owner.  She fully supports giving back to our community and that if one succeeds it leads to others succeeding as well.  In order to reach her please call our main line 289-278-3310 and leave a message and she will return your call as soon as possible.

Rebecca Arron

Rebecca is our newest Community Plus Durham employee. She is our Marketing and Web Design person. She also lives in Durham Region. She believes that “Supporting Local Businesses Makes Us Stronger.” She hopes to continue to put her best foot forward to help us build up the community.

Phone : 289-278-3310 Email: a.a.rebecca1@gmail.com

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