Community Plus Durham was created to assist in the development and growth of businesses throughout the Durham Region. To ensure this happens, we need our small businesses to survive in the ever changing economy. In the last five to ten years, Durham Region has grown exponentially with a more diverse community moving into our region.

Also in the past five to ten years, too many small businesses have opened, only to close weeks or months later because the people of Durham didn’t know the business existed or what they had to offer. Most of this is due to the absurd cost of marketing and advertising, which oftentimes outweighs the revenue at the end of each month. The overall goal of Community Plus Durham is to give back to our community as well as keep business local.

This will be done through a multitude of avenues that include: school art, music, and fundraising programs; anything that will help to encourage kids to follow their dreams. We’ll also be donating food, clothes, gifts and cash to local charity programs in each community in Durham Region.

About Us

Community Plus Durham is the dream of the perfect place to live, work, relax and have a real community feeling; rebuilding a place we can all be proud to call home. The owners of Community Plus Durham are comprised of local business owners, home owners and concerned citizens from across the Durham Region. We believe that by helping the small, local businesses In Durham thrive, it would be the beginning of the growth we need to rebuild. We already see a Durham with only a handful of stores to shop and eat at. Prices are starting to balloon and our streets don’t feel safe to walk down. Empty storefronts in any downtown core promote vandalism and criminal activity which in turn, prevents even successful businesses from thriving in that area. When we shop, eat and use our local services, it allows Durham to grow and provide a future for our children and grandchildren. We are tired of watching stores and businesses open only to close their doors months later.

Tina Bailey

Local business owner x3, wife, mother, concerned citizen. She is the heart behind this new venture.

Heidi Gray

Local business owner, Partner, wife, mother, concerned citizen. She believes in keeping shopping local.


Local business owner, resident, supporter of a united community in Durham.

Susan Daigle

Local business owner, resident, supporter of a united community in Durham.


Local business owner x2, wife, mother, local resident striving to ensure a better Durham for her children.

Shop with Community Plus Durham

At Community Plus Durham, we believe in building a strong community for future generations. By helping our small businesses thrive, were hoping to make Durham a better place to live for your children and your children’s children. Empowering small business means more local shops stay open to offer employment opportunities in the future in this tough economy. By doing your part and shopping locally, you’re ensuring the generation of tomorrow won’t have to struggle to find work close to home.

When you bring your Community Plus Durham key tag to any of our affiliated businesses or stores you’ll save a minimum of 5% on every purchase. Not only that, you’ll be contributing to local charity and betterment of the local community. A portion of key chain sales, along with our sponsor’s donations and partner’s contributions go directly to funding our community events, raising money for local charities, school arts programs, local theatres and other causes in our community. As if that wasn’t enough, we’ll have our associates randomly visiting our partner establishments, to hand out gift certificates to any lucky shopper with a key tag, redeemable at any of our partner stores. We will also be giving away free merchandise and gift certificates at any events we attend.

Community Plus Durham key tags are available for $5.00 online or at various partner locations. All of our partner companies/businesses guarantee a minimum of 5% savings on all merchandise, excluding tobacco or lottery purchases, directly to you, the consumer.

Although sponsor companies/businesses are not able to offer this discount, they are pivotal members because they donate funds directly back into Durham Region through Community plus Durham.

Partner with Community Plus Durham

At Community Plus Durham, our goal is to make the people of Durham Region aware of who you are, where you are and what you’re doing. Our job is to make sure that locals, both established and newcomers to the community, have the resources to become more connected with yours and other local businesses. As a small business owner, you have a limited budget for advertising, which means you often remain overlooked in your own town.

At Community Plus Durham, we offer a low cost service to help the little guys stay in business and stay in Durham. Whether it’s meat, produce, flowers, clothing, whatever product or service you offer, our project is about assisting locals in finding you and giving them more reasons to choose to shop locally.
Our offer includes not only cheap, effective advertising for your store, but also for you as a business owner. We include information such as how long you’ve been operating in the Durham Region on our website with a link leading right back to you. We’ll do this alongside our commercials on Global Durham, on our flyers and at our events with merchandise and gift certificates alongside a 5% savings to your customers just for signing up as a Community Plus Durham partner.

As a partner we’re asking that you give back to the community by honoring a minimum of 5% off all merchandise sold at your location, excluding tobacco and lottery. On top of the 5% daily agreement, you may choose to offer a higher percentage as a sale or special offer at any time. If your business is struggling, in need of a cash infusion and you need to increase your foot traffic, we can come up with a plan to ensure it happens.

At Community Plus Durham our business is your business and we only succeed if you succeed.

Contributing To Community Plus Durham

Giving back to the community that shops and uses your services shows respect, appreciation and gratitude. It also helps build a better sense of community. Together, we can be stronger and ensure a brighter future for Durham Region.

As a sponsor with Community Plus Durham, everyone who visits our website or attends any of our charity events will know who you are and what you stand for. An important part of community building is encouraging people to shop local in Durham. Our part in this is the gratitude we show to our sponsors for helping us make Durham Region thrive. You will be recognized as a company that gives back to your community in more ways than one.

As a larger company, we offer you several different sponsorship packages. By sponsoring with Community Plus Durham you get your name plastered on our website, on our emails, on our letters that go out with our charity cheques, and you will be acknowledged on all of our social media websites, eg. Facebook, Twitter, etc. We will also use any merchandise you want to donate to be given out at our charity events. As a special perk for all our sponsors, we also showcase your products or services with pictures of the inside and outside of your business alongside a blog detailing who you are and how long you’ve been serving the Durham Region.

We can’t express fully how thankful we are to our sponsors for being a part of building a better Durham Region.